Aisle be there: St Luke's home hosts special wedding

St Luke's Residential home host wedding re-enactment.

Thursday, 31 January 2013
3:47 AM GMT

It is every girl's dream to have their father by their side on their wedding day and if it hadn't been for the caring and considerate staff of St Luke's Residential Home, Audrey Healy's dream would not have come true.

On the day of her wedding ceremony her father was unable to make it to the church as he suffers from Alzheimer's disease and is a resident at St Luke's. So St Luke's decided to host a re-enactment of the special moment to make sure her father got to give his daughter away.

The same evening as her wedding, Audrey called by the nursing home and got married again, this time with her father present to give her away to fiancé Huw Hayes.

"It was the most magical and emotional day of all our lives," Audrey said. "It's impossible to put into words how we all felt for the two precious hours of my wedding day spent with dad, family, friends and staff at the home. Dad wished us every health and happiness for our future lives in a toast complete with chocolates, champagne, flowers and decor that even matched the bridesmaids and flower girls!"

Th first dance was also had at the nursing home and afterwards Audrey danced with her dad which was an emotional event. "There wasn't a dry eye in the house!" Audrey said.

Audrey said, having her father give her away made her day so special and perfect and expressed her thanks to the staff at St Luke's. "His ability to take on the role of father of the bride was facilitated in a reassuring and kind manner by the staff of St Luke's and for that I am profoundly grateful."

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